Contribution Guide for Readleafs

Firstly, we greatly appreciate that you are thinking about contributing to Readleafs. The website is currently in its very early stage, we are constantly figuring out various accepts and working to improve the experience.

To help you get started we have listed some points below, if you have any suggestions, feedback or correction please feel free to react to us at

Interested in writing for Readleafs?

Readleafs is a platform for book recommendations by interesting people around the world. We‘d love to have you contribute to Readleafs! To ensure the quality and consistency of content, please review the following guidelines before submitting your blog post:

Pick a Topic

Choose anything book-related that you‘re passionate about! Whether it‘s a review, a genre exploration, or a discussion about your favorite authors, we‘re all ears.

Keep It Original

Your post should be your own creation. No copying and pasting from other sources, please. And if you do use someone else‘s work, make sure to give them credit.

Write with Flair

Keep it clear, concise, and interesting. No need to be formal (if you don‘t want to be), write like you‘re chatting with a friend over coffee. Oh, and watch out for those pesky typos!

Size Matters (Kinda)

Aim for around 800 to 1500 words. Enough to get your point across without putting readers to sleep.

Structure is Key

Start with a catchy intro, break up your content with headings, and feel free to throw in some visuals to spice things up.

Got Ideas? Share ‘Em!

Reviews, author spotlights, genre deep dives the sky‘s the limit! If you‘re excited about it, chances are someone else will be too.

Ready to Share? Here‘s How

Send us your post as a Word doc or Google Docs link Oh, and don‘t forget a short bio at the end so readers can get to know the awesome person behind the words.

What Happens Next

We‘ll give your post a read-through, maybe suggest a tweak or two, and then schedule it for publication. Easy peasy!

What to expect in return?

Readleafs currently is not monetized in any form of ads, subscription or via third-party. For now we are focusing on improving book recommendations, updating content and writing posts.

But there are few things we can do:

  • Obviously giving an appropriate credit to author
  • Mention its various social handles
  • or any other way we seem possible

If you have any suggestions, feedback or corrections, please feel free to reach out at Contact or via

Happy writing and happy reading!