Relaxing Cozy Mystery Books to Read

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  • Apr 1, 2024
Relaxing Cozy Mystery Books to Read

When it comes to literature, there's something inherently enjoyable about reading a cozy mystery book. With amateur detectives, quirky settings, and charming plots, cozy mysteries offer the perfect escape from reality, while also providing a feeling of familiarity and warmth.

So, what makes cozy mysteries so unique? For starters, they offer an escape into a world full of tricky puzzles and clever spies. Whether it's solving a murder in a sleepy village or uncovering a mystery in a bustling city, cozy mysteries provide a sense of adventure without the high stakes of traditional crime fiction.

List of cozy mystery books to add to your reading list

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

This classic novel follows famous detective Hercule Poirot as he investigates a murder aboard a spectacular train journey. With its clever plot and unforgettable characters, it's no wonder this book remains a favorite among mystery lovers.

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

Set in Botswana, this charming series introduces readers to Precious Ramotswe, the country's first female detective. With its rich characters and evocative setting, this book will captivate readers from beginning to end.

A Murder Is Announced by Agatha Christie

When a mysterious advertisement announcing a murder appears in the local newspaper, Miss Marple is caught in a web of intrigue and deception. Filled with mystery and unexpected twists, this classic Christie novel is guaranteed to keep readers guessing until the very end.

The Secret, Book and Scone Society by Ellery Adams

In the beginning of this charming series, four strangers come together to form a book club in a small North Carolina town. But when a client dies under suspicious circumstances, they must team up to solve the mystery. With its cozy bookstore setting and lovable characters, this book is a joy to read from beginning to end.

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lillian Jackson Braun

This strange mystery introduces readers to journalist Jim Quilleran and his extraordinary Siamese cat, Coco. When a gallery owner is murdered, Jim and Coco must use their unique talents to solve the case. With its clever premise and charming characters, this book is perfect for both animal lovers and those interested in mystery.

Still Life by Lewis Penny

Set in the picturesque village of Three Pines, this atmospheric novel introduces readers to Chief Inspector Armand Gamache as he investigates a mysterious death. With its richly featured characters and evocative setting, this book is a masterclass in cozy mystery writing.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joan Fluke

In this captivating mystery, amateur sleuth Hannah Swensen must solve the murder of a local bakery owner while dealing with the complexities of small-town life. With its delicious recipes and charming plot, this book is a gift for cozy mystery fans everywhere.

Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear

Set in England after World War I, this historical mystery introduces readers to Maisie Dobbs, a psychologist and investigator. As Macy delves deeper into the case of the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, she uncovers a web of secrets and lies that threaten to expose her own past. With its richly detailed setting and compelling protagonist, this book is a must-read for fans of both historical fiction and mystery.

The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax by Dorothy Gilman

When bored suburban housewife Emily Pollifax decides to become a CIA agent, she never expected to find herself embroiled in a dangerous mission in Mexico . With its courageous protagonist and thrilling plot, this book is a delightful blend of espionage and sweet mystery.

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